About the Online Health Professions Education Graduate Certificate

So why choose this UConn online graduate certificate program?

UConn Online Graduate Certificate in Health Professions EducationIt’s interactive: Driven by a clear, weekly cycle of focused reading, writing, feedback, and application, and supported by flexible videoconferencing software, students participate in a synchronous discussion about theory, evidence, and educational practice. Most learning comes from one’s peers, who are often working at a different level (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education) and with a different discipline (e.g., nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and other).

It’s meaningful: Each week, students apply what they are reading, writing, and discussing to a professional project, work-based or otherwise, of their choosing. Students can work alone or in groups, either decided upon before matriculation or developed after. Students work at a pace (stretched but never pushed) and to a breadth and/or depth that makes sense to them and to the educational audience they serve.

It’s practical: At the end of each course, students have a brief document (handout) that reflects iterative cycles of peer discussion and instructor feedback. The handout represents the effort on each project, which could consist of a new curriculum, a revised evaluation strategy, an innovative instructional plan, or one of a variety of other educational products that matter to the student and to her/his institution or organization.

It’s flexible: Students know all assignments and due dates before each course begins. The amount of work is predictable and evenly paced, with manageable reading and writing deliverables due each week. Other than the weekly synchronous discussions, students can complete work largely at a time and place of their own choosing. Even the synchronous discussions can occur anywhere that a student has internet access and a device with a microphone and webcam. People participate in synchronous discussions at work, at home, and on the road.